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Quebec Fishing... Welcome to Canada's oldest and largest province - a land where the fish grow big and the angling opportunities run wide. Quebec is home to more than a million square kilometres of outdoor experiences, with fishing coming out on top in this land of virgin forests, tundra and water. Take your pick from one of hundreds of thousands of lakes, rivers and streams that dot this vast region, all full to the brim with hungry and willing fish species.  Lodges and Outfitters

Quebec Fishing is a way of life for those residing in Quebec  - a tradition that has been passed on from one generation to the next. With this sport comes a rich angling history, evident throughout the many tackles shops, lodges and museums you'll pass on your travels. For some visitors, the lure of catching a magnificent Atlantic salmon on a fly rod is too much to resist. (Be prepared for a long-fought battle as these fish can attain weights of over 45 pounds!) The Gaspe Peninsula offers unparalleled fishing for these wonderful salmon, with such rivers as the Matapedia, Grand Cascapedia, York and Dartmouth drawing anglers from all over the globe.

For those in search of trophy musky, a boat ride down the St. Lawrence River opens up many possibilities. The river and its tributaries are home to tackle busting bass, walleye and pike, and of course the larger than life musky. (Many folks believe the next Canadian record is swimming throughout this system - will you be the lucky one to play tug-of-war with it?)

Speckled trout are another popular fish that you will fall in love with in Quebec fishing. Nothing beats standing at the edge of a rushing river, solitude for miles while reeling in these chunky "square-tails" on light line. They can achieve huge weights in this part of Canada, and a trophy fish is a definite possibility when you venture out to a secret honey-hole.

No matter what type of fish you decide to pursue, Quebec fishing has all of the bases covered. The southern part of the province has been blessed with a mixture of warm water lakes and rivers, while the northern reaches have innumerable cold-water lakes, rivers and streams. It is here in the north that you can wrestle with the beautifully coloured Arctic Char - a true spectacle for those in search of nature's magic.

Warm-weather fishing is not the only game in town, as ice fishing is big business here in Quebec. This hard-water sport is practiced throughout the province, with Saint-Pierre and Saguenay Fjord being two of the most popular spots to wet a line. (The latter has more than 1,700 huts dotting its surface each and every season!) For those willing to give it a go, walleye, perch and pike are the most common catches. However, some areas of the province will see you pulling up redfish, cod and turbot through the hole.

If you're looking for excitement and a truly remarkable angling experience, look no further than the friendly and hospitable province of Quebec. You'll be glad you did….

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